Advanced Features for Modern Solutions

Every feature we offer is a promise of quality, efficiency and performance. Explore how our innovations can take your business to new heights.

Discover Endless Signage Possibilities

Render metal, acrylic, LED, flex LED, RGB, and glass materials realistically. Accurately display backing colors and material representation using your own images. Enjoy comprehensive support for cutting to shape, letters, squares, stands, boxes, and raceways. Take ultimate control over pricing and display options.

Advanced Pricing

For accurate signage pricing, Neon Channel Product Customizer revolutionizes your signage business by allowing you to accurately calculate material quantity and sign volume in real time. The price of the design is therefore based on the quantity of materials used, as well as the cost of shipping. Customizable options offer flexibility and let you easily control the price of your sign. Benefit from streamlined efficiency, precision and adaptable pricing for your signage projects.

Streamlined Workflow

Our plugin enhances the workflow for custom sign retailers with its ‘Email Manufacturer’ feature, allowing quick emailing of design details to suppliers. Retailers can also export designs as SVG files, simplifying sign production and ensuring accurate customer specifications are met. This streamlined process aids both retailers and manufacturers, facilitating seamless design-to-production transitions.

Smart Tools for Advanced Customization

Our sign customization plugin is equipped with Smart Tools, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. It includes multi skin options, allowing users to select from various themes to suit their preferences. Fully translation-ready, it breaks language barriers, expanding your global reach. Additionally, the precision sizing feature ensures exact design dimensions, providing accuracy and satisfaction in every customization. 

Beyond the Plugin, Revolutionizing Online Custom Sign Sales.

We provide an immersive experience and dedicated support, by providing sellers of personalized signs with an elegant configurator. This tool gives customers a realistic view of their orders before purchase, simplifying the personalization process.

Intuitive Experience: More Than a Plugin, a Partner

Intuitive Experience: More Than a Plugin, a Partner

Experience a plugin that’s a proactive partner in your signage journey.
Proactive Support: Weaving Success Together

Proactive Support: Weaving Success Together

Helping you maximize the impact of your signage with advice and assistance.
Versatility and Creativity: Unleash Imagination

Versatility and Creativity: Unleash Imagination

It offers a variety of tools to uniquely personalize your sign, standing out in the market.
The Hub for Sign Customization Innovation

The Hub for Sign Customization Innovation

Aiming to be the benchmark in online sign customization. We a hub for innovation and excellence.

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